Theme Friday: April Showers

We boarded and headed upstairs for lunch.  Something Phil said.  We were all laughing, big and loud.  There was no wine yet, and we hadn’t left shore, but the pleasure of being together had taken us some happy where else.   No one was thinking about headstones to order, or test results pending.

It went on like that with the laughing, into the next day, when something about something had me saying Mom would have sure liked that, and I remembered they were gone.  Matt.  Mom.  Dad.  In nearly one fell swoop.

They were gone, and me with the laughing.

I felt something on my lip and excused myself.  The tissue turned a sticky red, and the bleed continued for the next 30 minutes.  A crimson April shower.  No way of mistaking the blood on my hands.

We docked somewhere the next day.  I felt on the verge of a cold.  We saw something and made it back to the ship with moments to spare. The next day,  I was burning alive with fever.  Tonya sent medicine, but I wasn’t ready to feel better.  I went to sleep in a frenzied fire.

There was my Mom.  I couldn’t get to her.  Large thorns from a foreign tree held me tight.  I asked her to help pull me free, and she did– she on one arm and Mary and George on the other.  I went down hard when the thorns gave way.  I noticed I was wearing pajamas.  Soren was there, running loose.  I caught up to her and discovered a large gash on her head.  She was covered in blood.  And there was flooding to contend with, from the rain that wouldn’t stop.   I would have to hike to my car, but suddenly Mary’s was there and already filled with the things I needed to carry.  And there was Anggie saying something about a book overdue.  She motioned me over, but I wouldn’t go over there again for nothing.  The young man from the ship appeared, and became my Irishman from before the hostage taking and police involvement and deportation.  It was difficult to break free from him and the heat and the rain.

Morning came.   I was still on vacation.  Matt and Mom and Dad, still gone.  My fever burned, my throat was on fire, I couldn’t breathe or even see straight.

I was miserable at last, and that made me feel a whole lot better.


Christine and Annie take on April Showers.

7 Responses to “Theme Friday: April Showers”

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  2. vmarshall617 Says:

    I hope you are not really sick! Wonderful writing as always! I miss you dear cousin! I hope we can reconnect sometime soon.

  3. Something about this is great. There is a dreamy quality throughout.

    And I have to say that the last line is awesome. The last line is how I roll.

  4. just me Says:

    I could see this as vividly as if I had the Blu-ray DVD playing with the surround sound booming. Your writing is a pleasure to read.

  5. Dreams, loss and grief seem to be such intimate bedfellows and you show that here. The last line is a stunner and I totally understand it – our final way to show how much we loved the ones who are gone.

  6. i knew reading this would be a terriblewonderful mistake

    and rosy said

    and there was

    (i wish i knew what all to pack in a car for broken hearts)

  7. (I feel like I am reading my blog now! )

    Except that yours means more.

    Oh Rosy! You are so good at writing these thorns that catch us!

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