The Joans Poems

Joans Rearview BDay Pic copy


for Joans on her birthday

a poem by clancy jane


There is one who would laugh it off

if your pup ate the steaks you were fixing

for supper, leaving only baloney hash

in the house.


There is one who would shrug the loss

of her Uncle Tupelo and Counting Crows

to your boyfriend who absconded.


There is one who would not mind

if you misplaced her

Still Life With Woodpecker for 10

(or 15) years.


There is one who would walk with you,

8 drunken miles in Chukka boots

on a really Rural Route,

if your alternator fails

near the undertaker’s house

and you’re scared to walk alone.


There is Joans.

Thank God, there is Joans.


and here, her poems.

thank God, here’s her poems  🙂


5/1/70 to Present  (4/29/08)

If life is a journey

where am I

And who has the directions?

This birthday I will reach

The statistical mid-point of my life.

What does this mean to me, for me?

My hindsight is a measly 20/80

Past experiences blur and

Rationalizations refuse to focus.

So I look to the magic 8 ball.

Children? Marriage? Happiness?

Cannot tell you now.

Reply hazy

try again.

Concentrate and ask again. 

Angela Parenza might ask

“Is it all downhill from here?”

I hope so.

The Downhill is

the easiest part of the hike.


Even With The Arguing  (3/19/09)

Ames refers to it as the last good day.

Us and her girls, the mom outside.

Watching the birds.

Peaceful, even with the girls arguing.

Passing time, waiting to get the paper,

Coffees for the Duncans,

Sodas for the Byrns.

The brother, smoking his refreshment.

Us, the Byrns, the mom and dad outside.

Looking at the stars.

Peaceful, even with the arguing.

2 Responses to “The Joans Poems”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    it was a very good day! made even more special by those sharing it!

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