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Theme Fridays: Tires

Posted in Theme Fridays with tags , on May 21, 2010 by clancyjane

Practical:  of or pertaining to practice or action.

Her name was Olive.  She was a 1970 green Chevy Nova, and there were three spare tires in her trunk.

I didn’t want three spares tires in the trunk (where’m I supposed to put all my stuff?), but my Dad insisted.   He said, “What if you had more than one flat?”

He was a big what-if-er.  Each time I left their house, or called to say I was starting out, he would say, “Don’t take any chances.  And remember, anything can happen”, and Mom would add, “Watch out for the crazies, kid.”

They’ve been gone awhile now, but their practical love surrounds me– especially where my tires are concerned.

I changed a tire last week.  The air compressor I used?  A gift from them.  The flashlight?  The tire iron?  You guessed it.  They look after me, even after.

Sometimes, without their practical reminders, I forget that anything can happen.  Less diligent, I am down to one spare tire.

Last spring I was driving to Florida, with that single spare tire, in an SUV with a trunk twice the size of Olive’s.  Would you believe that on the way I had two flat tires?  See?  Anything can happen. The motorcyclist glued to my bumper just about bought it. I guess, for a moment, I also forgot the part about watching out for the crazies.

My parents loved me, and continue to love me, actively. There is nothing ethereal about it.

So even with two flat tires, I feel like an awfully lucky girl.

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