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Theme Friday: Flower In My Hair

Posted in Theme Fridays with tags , on September 24, 2010 by clancyjane

He brought me a flower like the Andalusian girls used all the way from Fort Riley through the capital city to Quincy Magoo’s and I set his flower on the table in between us and I did not wear his flower in my hair

as I was not a flower of the mountain, wearing red

and I was a cornfed kid from Lucerne in a hayseed sweater and Levi’s jeans

and I left his wilted flower on the table at the bar and when he asked me in the morning over hashbrowns and chicory coffee if I’d remembered to bring his flower home I should have told him

yes I did yes with my mind racing mad

and I pressed it between the pages of Portrait Of An Artist but instead I smiled and changed the subject because

I didn’t know a thing about Andalusians back then.


Christine (chooser of this week’s theme) and Annie take on Flower In My Hair.