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Theme Friday: Teeth

Posted in Theme Fridays with tags , on August 27, 2010 by clancyjane

Near the solid dead center

of the city of Chicago

in a neighborhood known as Logan Square

on a dead end street called Chanay

lived an interesting spider

on the ceiling of a 2 flat

in a far corner of the front room.


The spider was beautiful

with its wonderful teeth

and battleship gray coat

that covered his long athletic legs.


She and He sat together

in the corner opposite the spider

and nearer the floor

talking out a break-up that wouldn’t take

for another few years.


She said this isn’t working out for me

so maybe we better cut bait

and he said we’ll see

like she was a teenager

wanting to drive his car to the movies.


Unbroken despite her best efforts

the two continued

together in their corner

watching Woody Allen

and drinking their wine.


Toward the end of the second chianti

another spider approached the first

and He said look! he’s got a companion!

and before She could say how nice!

their spider moved forward

on his long athletic legs

and ate his new companion with his terrible teeth.


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