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Posted in coffee, death, evil inherent in nature, gratuities, life with tags , , on July 2, 2008 by clancyjane

Maggie Larson was on Ken’s porch with me and Janet when Elizabeth Smart was found.

Maggie was sleeping,  Janet was smoking and I was drinking coffee.

The stone was cool in the heavy air and from the corners of our ears we heard The Strokes through Ken’s open door and tendrils of “Have You Got A Story For Me” upsweeping from across the street at Angela Parenza‘s.

The Parenza porch was empty save for the potted Begonia’s and the Barry-an strings, Ken’s was full of us and some reddening tomatoes, and whatever was on the porch a few blocks down by Bob Berdella’s I cannot say.  We were too scared of ghosts to walk past what was lost there.