Our Good Lady

Our Good Lady, 73, of Redacted, MO, passed away at the Redacted Hospital on Wednesday, July 30, 2008.
She was born March 26, 1935 in Queen City, MO, the daughter of Mimi and Ab, who preceded her in death. On January 3, 1955, she married Frankie in Lancaster, MO and he survives at home in Redacted.

Our Good Lady spent much of her life as a health care provider. She typified hard work and selflessness. She was a dedicated volunteer for the Redacted of the Redacted County Redacted and for the Redacted Community Action Agency projects. She was also a member of the Redacted board.  Although she was not compensated monetarily for these efforts, she did not consider herself unpaid. Our Good Lady believed in doing good because it was the right thing to do, not because it might bring material gain. She valued helping others in whatever way she could. 


Our Good Lady taught her children to be good people who are good to people, and that is the creed of the non-profit agency that was established to honor Our Good Lady, her sisters, and their mother.
In addition to her husband, Our Good Lady is survived by her six children and four sisters.  Two infant brothers and a nephew, Matt Adams, also preceded Our Good Lady in death.
A visitation to honor Our Good Lady was held Saturday, August 2, 2008 at Redacted Family Funeral Home in Redacted, MO. Memorials are suggested to the Redacted County Alliance and may be entrusted with Redacted Family Funeral Home, Redacted Street, Redacted, MO, Redacted.



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