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Risking Cakes (call and response)

Posted in C and J, Call and Response on September 11, 2010 by clancyjane

I run the two miles along bottomland as fast as I can, declining all offers of ridesbacktotown from church ladies driving home from the Lords Acre Sale.

I coast to a stop at the second bridge, bend in half as the river air works its way in and the chat rock quiets beneath my shoes.  Two hands on a fence post, I lift up and over the chain link, lower myself into underbrush and hike toward the tracks.  A Great Blue Herron flies even with the tree line on my right.  Halved bodies of rabbits and dogs, separated midline by railroad steel, are perfectly spaced along wooden ties to the left.

The juxtaposition of flight and death assaults my sense of fairness.  I consider Montaigne in his floppy hat, suggesting death be greeted as a friend, and ask aloud if the Herron let the Rabbit know.

I hike back through the pasture to my brother’s truck, swinging across broad ditches with handfuls of willow.  The arrhythmic rattle of his beer cans in the truck bed ignites my imagination on the drive back to town.  I steer with my knees while my hands feel behind me for the book I stashed the last time I borrowed the old Ford.  I finger through dirtroaddust pages for Dostoevski’s lament about fatal fantastic elements, and accept the sabotage of wanting what doesn’t exist, on purpose, to thwart myself.

I resign my effort to engage in epistolary exchange with someone who interests me and entertains me and provokes me to considerate thought.

I forfeit the plea for someone to rivet me, dammit.

I return home.

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