A Kinder Matriphagy Than Some

You might think it cruel

of the Black-Lace Weaver

to eat his parent alive

(within minutes!)

when he’s barely one week old,

but I think I’d be grateful

to the boy for making

such quick haste.

Some species draw it out 50 years,

leave their parents broke

and footless and ask them,

“Can I still have your jewelry?”

the night before they die.


8 Responses to “A Kinder Matriphagy Than Some”

  1. ouch — I know the target, I think. Hope that is getting better for you.

    • clancyjane Says:

      This is fiction as far as you know. 🙂
      I didn’t intend to “target”. What interested me, in concept, was whether the parallel could be expressed meaningfully and succinctly. I saw a program about this spider a bit ago, and these words spilled. In part, I have to blame your Spit Bath piece. I felt very emotional after reading that. You write so well.

  2. targetting isn’t always intentional but was a poor choice of words in this case; “inspiration” just won’t work. perhaps i should have said “thoughtless pain in the ass” 🙂 a good piece, no matter.

    • clancyjane Says:

      Hahaha! I was thinking “subject” wasn’t quite right, either, and decided “influence” or “informer” might be more accurate– but maybe you’ve said it best. 😉

  3. This is very sharp, very funny. As a mother, I can see the advantage of such a situation. There’s a lot of heartache to motherhood.

  4. Mary Beyene Says:


  5. Killer!

    Take that any way you want…

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