Beautiful poem by my beautiful sister Mary

West Putnam Ups and Downs


Stitching, seam after seam, it took her the rest of recess to secure my circle skirt to its top and

restore the dress my mom had made for me


I hadn’t yet learned all the lessons the slippery slide had in store


I knew—through siblings or smarter classmates—that wearing shorts underneath

prepared you for playing


I knew but didn’t

that day so now I know that

good as it gets, there is the capability of tearing things in two


It takes a skillful teacher to,

on one hand,

sew–despite it not being in the job description–on this side of the door and

send away sight-seekers standing on the other.


She made it seem effortless she seamed so smoothly; mending she made all things seem possible.


I learned a lot that day


My beautiful dress broke in half

it’s back together now -you can’t even see where it hurt my feelings, mom

thanks…to Mrs.Boland


and from skillful schoolteachers before and since…

have hopefully helped others learn some lessons


now all I need to know is

how to sew

a broken heart


4 Responses to “Beautiful poem by my beautiful sister Mary”

  1. Ida Allis Says:


  2. fixedstarsgovernalife Says:


  3. looks like a crewmate on your sibship is also greatly talented

    • clancyjane Says:

      She really is. The poem stands on its own, but another layer of meaning is added when you know that she became a teacher, that the teacher she’s thanking lost her son just days ago, and that we’re from an area where our town and school were extensions of our family.

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