Theme Friday: Everything

Sale Barn Sunday mornings

Casey’s coffee and a paper on Tuesday nights

2 cups of beer and an earfull on Friday at Russ’ Saloon

Breakfast at the East End with Elaine and Lou, Max and Dorothy, Bob, Ed,Wayne, Us

Pool Hall spaghetti on Thursday evenings

Treating the leg where his foot used to be

Driving her to Fairley’s to watch the swans swim

Pizza with the Sisters and the sisters we selected

Taking the old roads back to Lucerne–

In short, I only miss everything.


Christine and Annie (chooser of this week’s theme) take on Everything.

7 Responses to “Theme Friday: Everything”

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  3. just beautiful, my dear. roonie pulled it up for me and you gave me a little tear in my eye — mom, too.

  4. Talk about a 2X4. All my ribs are broken.

  5. Your ability to pluck out the vital detail, description, superlative when giving us an image is amazing. The image is vivid in all the senses – the loss palpable.


  6. anonymouse Says:

    you always tell the tale exactly true (even when you make things up); tortures in a most terrific way (that’s a compliment)
    thank you thank you again i say thank you

  7. Wow.

    Everything is ever-present in every word.

    I feel like I just read a novel in a minute.

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