Theme Friday: Wind

We carried her over even ground, through the rough and narrow trail turns, and wended our way to the meadow.

Little Brother and I walked together to the clearing we’d selected, and watched the dusting of the field with Our Good Lady.

He started to let her go, near the ground, and stopped himself.

“This isn’t the way she would do it, you know.”

“How would she do it, GA?”

“Like this” he said, and showed me. He was a boy then, raising her above his head, despite his 6’4″ frame, despite his wife and children waiting for us around the meadow’s bend. The same sweet boy who pressed our ears together as tight as he could to tell me a secret when we lived on the hill, and I was six and he was three and She and Dad were both around to take us fishing.

We lifted her up and set her free, waiting, watching, as winter’s wind carried her back to the summer sky.


Christine and Annie take on Wind.

7 Responses to “Theme Friday: Wind”

  1. […]  Clancyjane soars upon the wind […]

  2. See you again soon, Good Lady.

  3. […] How does Christine’s wind blow? Does Clancy blow caution to the wind? […]

  4. And I hope she is still dancing on that lovely wind. And singing too. So much of your writing reminds me of my dad – the connection – the loss. It’s a good hurt though. Thanks for that.


  5. anonymouse Says:

    in writing, in life, you,and our baby brother always get it right

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It is so funny to me that your subject this week is Wind.

    I love that the wind is proof of invisible form. That there is so much more than just the eyes can see. That it can lift and carry, and the inanimate dances. That’s a miracle, don’t you think?

    I have been trying to teach my students homograms–and one example was the two meanings and pronunciations of “Wind.”

    “You know, like you wind a watch,” I said.

    Blank stares. This generation has never wound a watch. They don’t even wear watches.

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