Theme Friday: Teeth

Near the solid dead center

of the city of Chicago

in a neighborhood known as Logan Square

on a dead end street called Chanay

lived an interesting spider

on the ceiling of a 2 flat

in a far corner of the front room.


The spider was beautiful

with its wonderful teeth

and battleship gray coat

that covered his long athletic legs.


She and He sat together

in the corner opposite the spider

and nearer the floor

talking out a break-up that wouldn’t take

for another few years.


She said this isn’t working out for me

so maybe we better cut bait

and he said we’ll see

like she was a teenager

wanting to drive his car to the movies.


Unbroken despite her best efforts

the two continued

together in their corner

watching Woody Allen

and drinking their wine.


Toward the end of the second chianti

another spider approached the first

and He said look! he’s got a companion!

and before She could say how nice!

their spider moved forward

on his long athletic legs

and ate his new companion with his terrible teeth.


Christine and Annie take on Teeth.

11 Responses to “Theme Friday: Teeth”

  1. Felt like I was there in Logan Square. Keep writing woman.

  2. I don’t even know what to say. Damn, woman!

    The way this is formed. The jewels straight out of a grandmama’s special satin lined box. You know the one? Every once in a while she opened it and showed off her good stuff then locked it back up? (Usually when she was upset with her daughter-in-law? Or bestfriend?)

    a break-up that wouldn’t take for another few years.

    he said we’ll see like she was a teenager wanting to drive his car to the movies.

    Unbroken despite her best efforts

    The way you described the spider is unique. You, through and through.

    I want to buy your book please.

  3. Hey Clancy,
    I love your approach and how you take the minute details of a dreary life and make them so fascinating and real. And how the spider mimicked the death of the relationship. Good work, girl.


  4. Karen Todd Says:

    Very well done…you are definitely a writer, dear one!

  5. Anonymouse Says:

    When you’re on the pub. tour and you just can’t make that last city that week, I’ll go to that venue and pretend to be you at the reading. You say things better than the way they are best said. The way someone would feel jealous if they weren’t so in love with you and all your words.

    • clancyjane Says:

      Thank you, Sister. I hope I am ever required to go on such a tour, you will go to EVERY venue and pretend to be me, on account of how I’d rather get my @ss beat with a wooden board. 🙂

      You always say it best than better, and I aspire to your example.

  6. Hot damn!

    For what it’s worth (and maybe you know this already), I love big spiders. I just prefer them outside. Seriously, though, there is something to admire about them, no matter how creepy-crawly. Their complexity and ugly elegance. The assemblage of all those parts. You’ve done that here, in that battleship gray (how appropriate!) coat, and those athletic legs.

    In thin, sticky, webby relationships, there is only one to sit in the center.

  7. I was waiting for the spider to bite one of the couple or be eaten by another spider. I enjoyed your descriptions. I always do. 😉

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