Theme Friday: Detour

You can go home

if you can get there

if the bridges hold

and if they don’t

you’ll have to take H

and nevermind its

Dead End sign

you’ll have to drive

past that

and onto the gravel

mindful of switchbacks

and oncoming traffic

for which you’ll have

to pull over

and wait

until you can


move forward



Christine and Annie take on Detour.

9 Responses to “Theme Friday: Detour”

  1. Susan Williams Says:

    What you can do with just a few words is AMAZING.

    • clancyjane Says:

      Thank you, Susan. It’s all true. 🙂
      Heavy rains and flooding have made detours very necessary in northern Missouri. You wouldn’t believe how many bridges are out!

  2. Susan Williams Says:

    I’m glad to know where in the Universe your Lucerne is! I’d meant to ask before. So sorry tohear of flooding because of the destruction and chaos it leaves behind, but I wonder … were you able to enjoy the detours? Did you see things you never would have seen before? Do you think about things differently for having taken these detours? I’m in a philosophic mode this morning … doing some “roads not taken” as well as “roads taken” reminiscing.

    • clancyjane Says:

      We DID enjoy the detours, my sisters and I. I think it made things easier for us in a way. We were forced to think of the experience differently, and that was helpful, because as happy as we were to be “home”, with people we love and who are important to us, we were going home with no home, no parents, to go to. If that makes sense. Having to get there differently than we have always gotten there before (even the highway into town was moved over awhile back) was the first step in establishing a new “normal” for ourselves. I think. 🙂

  3. As always, your economy with words is a gift to the reader. Who knew that a detour could be so striking. There’s so much to imagine, but what you’ve given us gives us that power.

    I see a pickup. I hear the tires and gravel struggling- it’s that crunch I love. It’s a bumpy ride. The driver hopes to get at least some distance in before having to pull over. (Or perhaps make it straight through without having to, but what are the odds?)

    You take me there. Every time.

  4. Ah Clancy the joy of country living. A pick up comes in mighty handy, doesn’t it? As mentioned by other readers, your economy of words is a striking aspect of your writing acumen.


  5. Karen Todd Says:

    We also look forward to our journey home but there is no home there…it is just a memory but there is comfort in just being there with so many memories. I think our loved ones are still there watching over us from above.

  6. Wow. How’d I miss commenting on this?

    I laughed on that “You’ll have to take H.” The bridges are so wonderfully metaphorical.

    Oh, and Switchbacks. That’s what’s staying with me. That’s loaded.

    Nice work.

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