Theme Fridays: Woman


The woman gave what she could, and he took the rest from her.

He wanted what was due him, and he figured that was More.

She might’ve thought he’d quit asking, and if so she was mistaken.

The woman gave him life, and he would not stop taking. 


Christine and Annie take on Woman.

6 Responses to “Theme Fridays: Woman”

  1. very well said!

  2. Ouch! Get away from him, woman!

  3. With love and pride in her eyes, the woman just smiles at him.

  4. Seems you and I have known the same man. Ouch is right.

  5. Women usually keep giving. Women tend to be easy to steal from.

    We call it loving sometimes, don’t we? I do.

    I think this short piece has big eyes.

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