Theme Fridays: Hotel

I turn right where the old hotel was, then left where Annie and Roy once lived, once loved, once paid us ten cents to swing from a limb on their long-gone oak.

Lost  landmarks populate the roads through town that move us past the people in our pasts:

Jenny and Carl


George and Myrtle

Curtis and Bessie

Alice and Bethel

Leonard and Evelyn

Mac and Teary

and Red.

Here was the high school, the post office, the hardware store.  Here was the greenhouse, and here the cafe.

In the little houses lining roads like these, there are too few of us to forget even one who once existed here.

A picture survives of the old hotel.  Our people line its balcony, wear their hats, and wait to be counted in a world where what isn’t is as important as what is, and who is matters as much to us as who isn’t anymore.


Christine and Annie take on Hotel.

11 Responses to “Theme Fridays: Hotel”

  1. In my mental picture of this wonderful place, I still see the old hand pump well in the middle of the street and the shining lake on the old highway as you come into town . Thanks for the memories on this one!

    • clancyjane Says:

      Thanks, Cousin. I forgot about the pump! It didn’t exist when I was growing up, but I saw pictures of it at some point. I don’t know if you’ve been through Lucerne since they re-routed the highway? Rotten, that.

      • I don’t like the new highway much because people driving through can’t see the town. So many memories, I could go on and on! Maybe we can all recall our Lucerne memories in July? Wouldn’t that be fun!!

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  3. Every time I visit my family in California, I feel this. True, there’s a new casino and hotel there, but I remember riding around in my mom’s Bronco looking for cans in the sand dunes.

    That’s a Starbuck’s now, but it used to be the lot an A&W sat. My dad would take us for rootbeer floats.

    And I won’t begin with the people who are and were.

  4. Hey Clancy,
    I love the fact that memories are often stronger than physical reality. Like you and Christine, when I visit an old haunt or the home town, I see my memories and what was more than what is. In fact, I’m often startled that the universe dares to disagree with me. Although it is not so much the physical space as the memories and what those memories mean to us that we see, don’t you think?


  5. Anonymouse Says:

    NICE little walk around town with you. NOtHING little about it, tho. Thank you.

  6. I wish that every location had a viewer where you could peek at that same place ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred, two hundred and a thousand years ago. I am always astounded to see old St. Louis pictures from just a hundred years ago.

    I love exploring little old towns. There is a historic little village near High Hill, Missouri that’s been for sale for years. I have always dreamed of buying it. What for, I have no idea.

    The people-memories are always the first to be lost. Although they’re all just places to stay, these bodies are not as fixed as the weakest of homes or hotels.

  7. I cannot believe that this can be true

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