Skeleton Crew

We gather together to talk the logistics
Of where we will meet and when
And to whom will be given the tasks
That surround the collection of
Turkeys and trees.

Fewer gifts to give this time,
And fewer places to together in.

We carry it heavy as we make our plans

And our knee-bones bend,
Their fissures full of grief.

6 Responses to “Skeleton Crew”

  1. Hi ClancyJane–
    A poet named Judith Viorst wrote a volume of poems titled “If I were in Charge of the World and Other Worries”. She’s from my neck of the woods–Newarkl, NJ where ordinary folks like us try our best to offer solutions and/or “fixes”. Unfortunately, there isn’t a fix possible for what the content of this poem holds. That leaves me the only alternative… which is to stand back and admire its beauty.

    you are no ORDINARY folk. it’s very sweet what you said.

    “…since Hannah went away…”. so sad. one of my favorites.

  2. maryfrank Says:

    killing me …with your words
    and I mean that in the most complimentary way
    it would be true even if I did not know exactly–NO. Mostly– what you mean

    you do know– exactly. i wrote it after we talked. and i am killed, too.

  3. clancyjane, i will be thinking of you and yours this holiday…

  4. Wow.

    It’s been a heavy year for you.

    I pray that your 2009 will feel light and beautiful.

    pretty heavy, yeah, but we try to carry it together. i guess that’s the key. light and beautiful– perfect. thanks, julia. you always know just what to say. seriously.

  5. The holidays can heal and kill all at once like this.

    yes. fervently.

  6. Dearest Glen, Loss is immeasurable. Thinking of you this day. Love is eternal.

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