I Do Not Care About The Quarter

Dawn Anne  calls and says

The tests are back,

This isn’t good.

I give Mom the news.

We go for coffee.

The coffee comes, she shrugs and says

I’m sorry kid,

Looks like I made you waste a quarter.

I do not care about the quarter.

We take the coffees to go and drive uptown.

I refill her morphine and buy her some smokes.

We wind down 22nd and she lights up for the first time since March.

We park by Fairley’s pond and watch their swans herd a group of geese toward the bank.

Smoke from her Pall Mall wends and dissipates.

She wonders where she’ll be when next year’s callas come up.

“Right here”, I gesture, and shut my eyes tight to the image of

An empty Adirondack chair,

A garden filled with love-lies-bleeding.

14 Responses to “I Do Not Care About The Quarter”

  1. Oh my friend…

    i love you.

  2. A beautifully told story. A bold and creative poem.

  3. So beautiful and sad!

  4. Oh!

    This hurts. But you did it so well…

  5. clancyjane Says:

    thanks, you guys.
    i really appreciate your comments.
    so very much.

  6. clancyjane, just checking in to let you know my thoughts and prayers you…

  7. that is, insert “are with”

  8. that is “duh”

  9. clancyjane Says:

    quazse, i appreciate your check-in very much. our family feels everyone’s well-wishes and that makes this survivable.

    i came around to make an addendum.
    i was wrong about the “right here”.
    as of tuesday night, there is an empty adirondack chair.
    there are gardens and gardens and gardens of love lies bleeding.

  10. My deepest condolences to you and your family, my friend.
    God bless her heart and yours.

  11. […] Now, i don’t post YouTube for personal reasons, but i have a link to the song i chose. It is by the Incredible Moses Leroy and features the totally unique Miho Hatori, formerly of Cibo Matto. She’s awesome. The song is The Color of Sky and every time i hear it, i just feel… well… happysad. It is about remembering what is good. It’s a pretty song.  i dedicate it to clancyjane. […]

  12. Just wanted to drop in and send my thoughts. Hugs, Julia

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Mourning blend of grace and grief.

    I received a coffee blend of the same name. I’m thankful for both.

  14. Girl…. this is so beautiful.

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